The Whisky Club Birmingham.

Raising a glass to a new well deserved single malt website.

The Whisky Club Birmingham.

Brief & approach

The Whisky Club Birmingham had grown over the years since its founding in 2011, hosting more and bigger events (such as Whisky Birmingham), but it’s website fell short in representing what the club was about and felt inconsistent.

I worked with Amy, one of the founders, to plan and create the ideal website to help accurately show what the club had to offer, and it’s range of events. A key aspect of the project was to plan┬áthe site structure to simplify and separate the different offerings.

One big part of this was the development of the Whisky Birmingham festival sub-site/page, which was created as a flexible, and editable template. Everything is editable within the template allow the Whisky Club to swap a few details, photos and elements to create a different look and feel, allowing them to re-use it for future festivals.




  • Site planning & UX

  • UI design

  • Website development

  • WordPress CMS integration

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