Claire Hartley.

Flexible portfolio website to compliment a new brand and highlight character and ethos.

Claire Hartley.

Brief & approach

Designer, illustrator, and friend Claire Hartley approached me whilst creating a new brand for herself, acknowledging she needed a better way to display her work online. The aim was to create a slick and fun website which reflected her passion and character, and the process which enabled her to create the thoughtful work she does, and attract the clients she wants.

We worked closely together to distill how best to represent Claire, and her new brand to make sure the new portfolio would compliment both it’s visual aesthetic and ethos. We created a detailed work/case-study page template which gave Claire the freedom to build up page layouts from different sections, meaning each project page can look different and the content comes first.

  • Site planning & UX

  • UI design

  • Website development

  • WordPress CMS integration


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